Program Design Package

TPI/RaquetFit Screening

We use a screening process designed to identify physical limitations in the bodies of golfers & tennis players. These screens were developed by some of the greatest minds in the coaching, medical, fitness and biomechanics industries.

Performance Evalualtion

Each client is put through a 3 point evaluation to determine how their body moves. We test Movement, Flexibility & Tissue Health. This process provides us with all the information necessary to design a program individual to each clients specific needs.

Design of individualized program

The information gathered from both the Screening and Evaluation process is studied and analyzed. The training program is then design accordingly.

One to one Personal Training Session

Client returns for a personal training/learning session. The session is spent introducing the client to the fundamentals of correct technique. Each movement in the program is explained, demonstrated and then executed by the client to ensure full understanding of the correct form.

Link to your workout @

Your will receive an email link to your work out on the website. This link will contain videos of all the movements in your individualized program.

The Truth

If you are looking for quick fix, Somar Strength is not for you. We believe that the process of correcting imbalance, increasing mobility, stability and flexibility is just that...A PROCESS. One that requires patience, perseverance and commitment.