Personal Training

Personalized 1 to 1 training

Because no two people are created equal and everyone has their own unique physical history, we require all personal training begin with a screening and performance evaluation. The information gathered is used to determine each individual's physical abilities, providing us with the information required to very precisely develop the best strategy to help each client achieve their goals safely.

We fully understand that a person's ability to perform optimally is dependent on the way their body functions. Therefore, our process begins with the correction of compensatory movement patterns and increasing joint functionality using precise motor learning techniques. The increased mobility, stability, flexibility, motor control and overall body awareness achieved will contribute to a better, stronger and more efficient body. 

For those not requiring the golf or tennis screenings, a performance evaluation alone is required. 

TPI or Raquet Fit Screening

These screening processes where developed by some of the brightest minds in the fitness and medical industry, to help professionals like us identify  physical limitations that can be inhibiting an individuals ability to perform optimally during practice and play.